TMSOFT Games Support

Please check if your question is answered below.  If you need to contact us please scroll down to the bottom of this page.

Removing Ads

Most of our games offer an in-app purchase to remove ads for $0.99 USD.  This “Remove Ads” option can be found in the Settings or More menu.  Compulsive has Remove Ads under Store / Buy More.  Removing of ads will permanently remove ads from the app forever.  It also saves your battery and network bandwidth.  If you reinstall the app or install to a new device make sure you login with the same account where the purchase was made and tap “Restore Purchases” under settings.  Card Counter Free and Glow Burst Lite have full versions that can be purchased without ads.  Springer and Duck Run do not have the ability to remove ads.


Unlocking Zen Mode

After getting the Addiction and High Dosage awards to unlock Zen, go to your Scores and scroll down to the bottom.  Tap Add Google or Facebook friends. Adding one of these will unlock Zen if login is successful and at least one score appears in your list (it can be your own).  Sharing a score to social media will not unlock Zen mode.

Logging in for the first time will ask your permission to access Facebook or Google.  Login is required because Facebook and Google host the shared leaderboard and the app needs permission to post to that.  Your score does not post to your wall and we never post anything automatically.  If you do not give post permission then uploading your score to the leaderboard will fail.  In addition, you may need to play another game in Arcade mode to get your scores posted to the leaderboard and to start seeing friends’ scores.

Sound Effects

Importing Custom Sounds

iOS Instructions

Sound Effects allows for playback of your own sound files. Plug your device into a computer using the Apple supplied USB cable and launch iTunes. Click on your device which appears as a button on the iTunes toolbar and then select File Sharing.  Select ‘Sound Effects’ in the Apps list. Drag all your sound files into the ‘Sound Effects Documents’ panel. Relaunch Sound Effects and the new sounds will be imported and available for playback. Please see iOS File Sharing documentation for detailed instructions.

Android Instructions

Sound Effects allows for playback of your own sounds files with File Sharing. Plug device into computer with the USB cable so you can transfer files. Locate the SoundEffects folder that is contained in the root folder of your device. Copy all your sound files into this folder and then relaunch Sound Effects. The new sounds will be imported and available for playback.

Contacting Us

Launch the app or game and tap Settings / About / Send Feedback or Report Problem.  This will add your device model, app version, and a log file (if report problem selected) to the e-mail which will help us solve your problem.

Note: If you are using iOS then you may need to configure your default mail client in order to send e-mail from within game: Open iPhone Settings / Mail and select a default application to use for e-mail.