Bounce Springer as high as you can for a dangerous but exciting adventure. Jump high in the sky and travel through space.

“I’m loving this game! The little bugger is oddly adorable (those eyes!) and it’s been fun trying to see how far I can get him..”

– Louannm

“Spent all day playing this game! ..really fun to play over and over. One of my favorite apps”

– Belch3r

“Much like TMSoft’s prior game, Compulsive, Springer is addictive.”

– LamaC

“I enjoy playing this game. Everyone should give it a try.”

– Josh M

How to play ๐Ÿ•น๏ธ

Drag your finger across the screen to move Springer to a safe platform. Tap upon landing on a platform for a super bounce!

Keep an eye out for the evil Dr. Hacksaw! Springer is made of light-weight nuts, bolts, and springs thatโ€™ll explode on impact.

Grab onto rockets to blast off and launch through the stratosphere and beyond.


Can you ๐Ÿ”“ unlock them all?

And more

  • Fun and challenging addictive platformer
  • Tour the solar system from Earth to the Moon and beyond
  • Infinite vertical scrolling adventure
  • Highly responsive yet simple touch controls
  • Awesome animations, music, and sound
  • Social integration for seeing friendโ€™s scores in-game

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